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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
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what is ocd? young people with ocd getting help getting better News & resources

What are obsessions and compulsions?

Examples of obsessions and compulsions

What happens when you have OCD?

How common is OCD?

Have you got OCD?

Does OCD run in families?

What causes OCD?

It's not your fault that you have OCD

Understand about the brain in OCD

Don't keep OCD a secret

OCD bosses you around

Don't struggle alone

You are not crazy

You need to become an expert

You are not the only one

You may need to learn to live with OCD

Stories and frequently asked questions about OCD


Knowing that you have OCD is the first step in treatment

Can you treat the cause?

Separating yourself from OCD can help

OCD uses fear and anxiety to boss you around

You can get back in control

OCD and families

Who can help

There are 2 main treatments

What is CBT?

CBT - how does it work?

CBT - Paying attention to thoughts

CBT - getting started

CBT - breaking OCD down into steps

CBT - refusing to do what OCD wants


How to stop OCD making a comeback



Books on OCD and adults


Journal articles

NICE Guidelines

Gallery & Archive

How to get help (UK only)

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